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Bondi Cigars – ’12 Lies’

Bondi Cigars - '12 Lies'

Band Name: Bondi Cigars

CD Title: 12 Lies

Year Released: 2003

Song List:
1. Tell me what I Need to Know
2. Some Other Man
3. Raging Thirst
4. Everybody do the Second Line
5. I’ve Been Trying
6. I won’t lay down with the Devil
7. The Edge of the Dirty River
8. Talking Tombstone
9. You Soon will Be
10. She Shakes me to the Bone
11. More Light than I can Stand
12. Junkie for the Past

Bondi Cigars CDS Available
Universal Stew (2009)
32 Premium Cuts (2006)
Mercy (1998)

For more information on the Bondi Cigars, click here.

Price: $28.95


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