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Foreday Riders – “Riders Groove”

Band Name: Foreday Riders

CD Title: Riders Groove

Year Released: 1991

Song List:
1. Shake Your Hips
2. Dissatisfied
3. Midnight Creeper
4. Prison Bars All Around Me
5. That’s Your Problem
6. Tremble
7. You Got Me Wrong
8. Jumpin With Symphony Sid
9. Evening
10. Bad Advice
11. Love My Baby
12. Win, Lose or Draw
13. Two Hours Past Midnight
14. Vicki

Foreday Rider CDS Available
Blues Reform School (2008)
Rider’s Digest (1986)
Playin’ Up (1977)
Once a Week (1975)
Blues Live at French’s (1974)

Ray Beadle & The King Brothers
Down Home Bebop (1999)


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Price: $25.00


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