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Hat Fitz & Itchy – ‘Hat Man’z on Hiz Way’

Hat Fitz & Itchy - 'Hat Man'z on Hiz Way'

Band Name: Hat Fitz & Itchy

CD Title: Hat Man’z on His Way!

Year Released: 2005

Song List:
1. 78/16 Horse Flat Twin
2. Cuckoo
3. Hat man’z on hiz way!
4. YoYo
5. Black Nite
6.Foot Dog Rag
7. 3 Nites Drunk
8. Motherless Children
9. Jitterbug Swing
10. Hold My Hand
11. Rooster Crows for Day
12. Ballad of Errol Collins
13. Death Letter Blooze
14. Skinney Squirrel
15. Long Haired Doney
16. Freddy Spagetti
17. Ezy Rider
18. Special Rider

Other Details: For more information on Hat Fitz & Itchy, click here.

Price: $25.00


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