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The Detonators – Live at the East

The Detonators - Live at the East

Band Name: The Detonators

CD Title: Live at the East

Year Released: 2008

Song List:

1. Second in Charge

2. All of me (All over You)

3. Skinny Skinny Skinny

4. Love So Much

5. Van Diemens Hop

6. Off my Chops

7. Jason you’re a Lout

8. Time Machine

9. Hot Rod Tip Truck

10. Eh Leatherette

11. Rocket 88

12. Throttle Jockey Demon

13. Evil Knieval

14. Top Night Out

15. Sugar Coated Love

16. My Saving Grace


Other CDs also Available; Bombshell, Everybody Stay Calm , Top Night Out

For more information on The Detonators, click here.

Price: $25.00


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