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Chris O’Connor – “Soups Gone Bad”

Chris O'Connor -

Band Name: Chris O’Connor

CD Title: Soup’s Gone Bad

Year Released: 2011

Song List:
1. Future Blues (Willie Brown)
2. Bad Luck Blues (Lemon Jefferson)
3. Soup’s Gone Bad (Chris O’Connor)
4. Pony Blues (Charley Patton)
5. Up the River (Chris O’Connor)
6. When Your Way Gets Dark (Charley Patton)
7. Train Won’t Stop (Chris O’Connor)
8. Talking to the Kookaburra Blues (Chris O’Connor)
9. Who’s Been Here? (Bo Carter)
10. Market Town (Chris O’Connor)
11. West Coast Blues (Blind Arthur Blake)
12. Stocking Feet Blues (Lemon Jefferson)
13. Carbon Habit
14. People Get Ready / I am the Light of this World
15. One Kind Favour   (Lemon Jefferson)

Other Details: For more information on Chris O’Connor, click here.

Price: $25.00


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