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James Meston ‘Sweet Baby James’ 2007 Ambassador

James Meston 'Sweet Baby James' 2007 Ambassador

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“I was honoured, honoured speechless in fact, to be asked to be the Ambassador for an event that I am so passionate about. I’ve been to blues festivals all over the world, but Goulburn is easily my favourite. It has such a soul to it, such a community behind it and has featured some of the best music I’ve ever heard. I honestly think that Goulburn should be re-named ‘Blues Heaven’ during the time of the Festival”.
The Australian Blues Music Festival is pleased to announce that James Meston (aka Sweet Baby James) will be the official Ambassador for the 2007 Festival.

A charming personality, talented musician and a passionate supporter of Australian blues music and the Goulburn Festival – James was an obvious choice for the job. With his sensational performances at the 2006 Festival (including the volunteers’ thankyou brunch function) that had everyone raving about the amazing Adelaide-based duo – we knew we were onto a good thing with James. (Of course, when we told him that bringing chocolate cake in for us in the Festival Office on the Monday after the Festival last year was a tradition – and believing us, he obliged – might have had a little part to play in James winning his way into our hearts!)

James will pick up where the wonderful and dedicated Lloyd Spiegel has left off, and continue to promote the Australian Blues Music Festival as THE NATIONAL FESTIVAL OF AUSTRALIAN BLUES MUSIC to the media and fans across Australia.

You’ll catch Sweet Baby James and the amazing percussionist Rob Eyers back in ‘Blues Heaven’ for the 2007 Festival.


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