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Lloyd Spiegel Festival Patron & former Ambassador (2005 & 2006)

Lloyd Spiegel Festival Patron & former Ambassador (2005 & 2006)

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The Australian Blues Music Festival is pleased to announce that after two years as an exceptional Ambassador for the Festival (2005 & 2006), Lloyd has agreed to be the Festival Patron.

Lloyd Spiegel is a highly talented singer/songwriter/guitarist from Melbourne with a reputation for excellence in his music and performance, he has made his mark as one of Australias best-known blues performers.

Lloyd has had a long relationship with the Festival, with quite a few appearances over the years.

Message from Lloyd:

I am proud to be a patron of the Australian Blues Music Festival. I performed at the first one as a teenager. It was my first blues festival performance so on a personal level, being first Ambassador and now Patron means a great deal to me. It’s an honour to be so closely associated with the only blues festival in Australia that truely focusses on in dependant Australian talent and displays year after year why Aussie blues acts are regarded as some of the best in the world.

The staff and crew in Goulburn are the hardest working people in the business and I look forward to working closely with them in continuing to promote Australian blues music.

Photo by Sara Fife, official Festival Photographer (2005 & 2006).


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