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Some quotes from the 2007 Festival…

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Festival in what-ever capacity – performer, patron, volunteer, sponsor, media and others – it was a sensational four days that has us fired up ready to do it all again.   

“Congratulations on another outstanding festival. Some exciting developments were: the participation of the West Australian and other states acts and attendees. It means that the ABMF is becoming a truly national festival of Australian Blues artists; the number of young and up and coming acts that impressed; the conference with the presidents and representatives of various Blues Societies means that the ABMF is well on the way to being the national convention for all the Blues Societies. By carrying on the tradition of having only Australian blues acts, you are positioning the festival as a unique event on the Australian cultural calendar.” – John Durr, Black Market Music (Festival sponsor/partner)

“The fact that it is a genuine Blues Festival with Australian acts and a friendly, easy going vibe, makes it one of the best” – Sam Fell, Rhythms Magazine/Impress

“This is the best organised blues festival in Australia and we have been to quite a few around the country” – 8 Ball Aitken (performer)

“We particularly enjoyed the tour around Goulburn and were really impressed by the range of historic architecture the city has. The visit to the Old Goulburn Brewery was quiet an experience and the people here have been really welcoming everywhere we have been. It is a great tourist destination with so much to see.” – Bird Jensen, Manager 8 Ball Aitken & His Band

“Enjoyed music, central locations, some history of Goulburn, antique shops… Staff at Tourist Info helpful – a welsoming centre with good information and help. Motel staff and Festival staff and all Goulburn people I encountered were helpful, kind and friendly.” – Margaret, Surry Hills (patron)

“Much enjoyed the Lieder Theatre – great ambience. Park events superb on all levels, congratulations to all involved. 1st timer, not last timer.” – Popeye, Ardlethan (patron)

“This was my first time and what a blast! Such a great way to do any festival. Have been to [others] – you name it, and this was VERY VERY well organised! A big thanks to all the local volunteers! No lineups! Great. I thoroughly had a great time, next year I’m there for 4 nights. Should be exceptional. Great old town to sightsee as well and the Greengrocer eating is by far the freshest I’ve seen. Congratulations to all of those involved and the artists of course.” – Lynne, Toukley (patron)

“Another great weekend. All festival staff are great. Good to have all aussie artsists. Good opportunity to see a variety of interstate acts at one festival.” – Brian, Cherrybrook (patron)

“Well done organisers and Goulburn city – another beaut effort. Congratulations to all involved. Good music, good food and drink and friendly people. Great venues – look forward to next year.” – Dennis, North Rocks (patron)

“…thank you very much for a very enjoyable weekend. All the guys were wrapped in the Festival and would love to come back again if you would have us.” – Andrew Malouf, Manager Kelly Auty’s Wild Women Show and the Gospel Belles

“I want to thank you again for having us at the festival. It was an amazing experience for me and the band. We got to catch up with so many other artists and the place we stayed was great.” – Andrea Marr (performer)

“Congratulations on a great festival! We got to see some really great quality artists… We also got many opportunities from the gig and earned a lot of respect. It is hard to break into the scene and we all very much appreciate the opportunity that you and the selection panel gave The Vagrants” – Stephen Iorio (performer)

“thank you… for your help and advice in the lead up to this year’s Festival. We appreciate the exposure on the notice board and the Blues Daily, which I think helped the fact that we had good audiences for both spots we played at the Goulburn Club [open mic/jam]. We had an absolute ball and made some connections which we are sure will lead to some gigs in the area through the year.” – Matt Ellery, The Sly Tipsters (performer)

“My husband and I wanted to sincerely thank you for organising yet again, another fabulous event. The calibre of acts was once again great and we look forward to next year’s event… Also, the excellent value of venue passes – please don’t lose this feature of your event.” – Bobbie (patron)

“Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to participate as a volunteer. Please congratulate everyone else in the office who helped make this year’s festival one of the best I have attended.” – Rod (volunteer)

“Thanks for another great festival. I have been attending the festivals for a number of years now and have enjoyed each one immensely. The festival organisers are to be congratulated for their efforts in supporting our youth… It is wonderful to see that spirit of support and sharing which is evident at Goulburn. I look forward to seeing this event grow in future years.” – Liz (patron)

“We had a great time, the crowds were terrific and the professionalism of your team was top notch.” – Stevie Paige (performer)

“I go to a lot of music festivals and each one has it’s own character. I think Goulburn has got it right for your town. Friendly people, a great choice of places to eat and have coffee. All venues were good, not too big… In all, a fantastic festival. Well done to those who organised it all.” – Eddie Burns, Edge FM Bega Community Radio

“The youth session on Sunday morning was great and is a very good idea.” – Cassandra, Devonish (patron)

“An amazing amount of talented musicians! Blues was the main line in each band, but every time in a very personal direction… a very different blues experience for each concert. I loved it!” – David, Joinville Le Pont, France (patron)

“Congratulations to all on a very well run Festival with dedicated and professional artists. Atmosphere was definitely friendly… Taxis were plentiful and reliable and courteous drivers… Volunteers at all venues did a great job and were always welcoming and cheerful.” – Pauline, Wahroonga (patron)

“As far as the atmosphere is concerned, there is really no other festival like it that can match it. I don’t think there is another festival where the audience and the performers really have such passionate interest in doing it. Every time you see a performance here, everyone puts 100% into it. Everyone always gives it their all. Because it’s all Australian, it adds the extra edge that this is OUR festival – Australian audience, Australian performers – it’s a celebration of blues music in Australia.” – Sweet Baby James (Festival Ambassador & performer)

“We also salute the organisers of this year’s Australian Blues Music Festival for a great four days of music. The venues around the pleasant NSW town of Goulburn were well appointed – a range of hotels, clubs, a theatre and local parks and bandstands, are all within easy walking distance of each other. The service everywhere I went was superb, friendly, fast and efficient. The variety of food available was great. You want a decent steak, Goulburn’s got it! The parking throughout town was free and a breeze… Goulburn makes it easy… In short, they make you feel that they are delighted to have you around for the festival.” – Mike Freeman, President Blues Association of South-East Queensland (The Groove newsletter March 2007)



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