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Some quotes from the 2008 Festival

“Once again the organisers of the ABMF have shown us Australian Blues is alive and well, and in very good hands! What a fantastic festival! Thanks to everyone involved – great job well done! See you next year!” Julie Fox (Sydney Blues Society)

“What a great weekend it was. There is no other festival in the world like it. When you see the great array of Australian talent they line up each year you know Australian Blues is a force and the world should sit up and look.” – Shayne Hogan, QLD (patron)

“We would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity they have given us and would love to perform at Goulburn again.” – Rising Damp (performers)

“The event this year was an absolute winner from the perspective of all our members and friends who journeyed from South East Queensland for the festival. The Australian Blues Music Festival has become in recent years Australia’s premier blues festival, because it now features all-Australian based musicians, and very much fosters high quality music in a vibrant genre. Very well organised. Goulburn is a great spot for a national festival for Blues. Having a national Blues festival is very important for the perspective of far-flung Blues associations. In addition to supporting the musicians and giving them opportunities this event does act as a ‘peak’ national Blues event. This event is Blues by Australians for Australia and hopefully increasingly about Australia.” – Mike Freeman, President, Blues Association South East Queensland (BASEQ)

“We would like to extend a huge thankyou to everyone who made Goulburn a wonderful experience for us. It was a pleasure to be there and to share our music with you. This year the standard of music was nothing short of brilliant and all the musicians, organisers and fans were warm and supportive.” – Parris Macleod (performer / producer)

“We love this festival and the friendly relaxed atmosphere – well done to all the organisers – see you next year.” – Martin Riley, NSW (patron)

“The festival is all Australian and you get to see so many wonderful young and old Aussie acts you would normally never have the chance to see or know, plus one of the few festivals where you can mix with someone from just about every Australian blues club or society.” Karin ‘Kaz’ Grant, past president Launceston Blues Club

“This has become an annual event for myself and a group of friends from as far away as Murwillumbah. The music is great, the town’s hospitality 1st class and the architecture constantly amazes.” – Ian Clarke, NSW (patron)

“Thanks to everybody involved. Locals are friendly and willing to help. Venues are all near to each other, which is good. Workshops a great idea.” – Alan Weight, VIC (patron)

“My congratulations on a fantastic Blues Festival this year, what a great city you have. Having attended many festivals I would like to say the Australian Blues Festival is the best in Australia. Long live the Australian Blues Festival in Goulburn. We’ll be back next year with the crew from South West Blues Club in Bunbury WA.” – Mike Hall, President, South West Blues Club (Bunbury WA)

“It’s great to see your town enjoying awesome music. Great atmosphere and I love the wide variety of people, backgrounds and ages. Well done!!” – Lisa Brown, QLD (patron)

“Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for having me at this year’s festival! All the staff were so friendly and while I had only just met everyone, it felt like I’d been coming for years!” – Tom Richardson (performer)

“I would like to congratulate the volunteers at all venues. Everywhere we went we were greeted with friendly smiles and genuine welcomes. It was refreshing and unexpected. Included in that were the retailers in Goulburn who were all helpful and friendly. Thank you for a wonderful weekend we will be back.” – Karen Groenen, NSW (patron)

“I thought that the festival was very organised and well run. I attend numerous festivals around the country and thought this was as good as any of them. The fact that it is only Australian music is great too, as we need to support our own as much as possible especially as many are as good, if not better, than some overseas acts! It’s great that the price is relatively inexpensive too! I thought people around town were generally friendly and helpful and this naturally makes it a better festival experience.” – Roslyn Henderson, NSW (patron)

“I thought Goulburn was a great festival, and very well run. The line-up was top class. It was very good to see such support for Australian artists, and for up-an-coming musicians.” – Jill Mooney, NSW (patron)

“I think that it is most important that such a festival, serving as a meeting place for Blues musicians, fans, music industry people etc, exists and thrives. Goulburn is an ideal town for such an event, being accessible to attendees from all the states of Australia. The fact that it features only Australian artists, especially the young and up and coming, gives it a real relevancy to the Australian music scene. Throw in the awards, Australia’s only national awards for Blues music, and you have a festival that is a real feature on the Australian artistic landscape. We look forward to returning for the 2009 event” – John Durr (Black Market Music)

“Fantastic feeling of community. It was well organised and fun to be a part of.” – Stephen Bowtell Band (performers)

“Like long running music festivals all over the world the Australian Blues Music Festival in Goulburn has become a part of the culture and must be preserved. The benefit in quality of life and well being it brings to all participants is priceless. Music played live for a fun loving audience brings joy to everyone involved.” – Jim Dyson (Jim Dyson Guitars & performer)

“Excellent encouragement of youth in blues!” – Nancy Riley, NSW (patron)

“Congratulations – we had a great time! We loved the festival and intend to keep coming each year – from Geelong. We love Goulburn and do all the tourist things while we are there – and we love the architecture of Goulburn, and the age of some of your buildings.” – Marg Rubans, VIC (patron)

“This festival is one of the best in terms of socialising (networking) for bands and fans alike. Great concept having everyone stay in town, many bands arranged possible gigs together. Altogether a great support thing plus the mentoring idea really took off with all the young performers, brilliant!!” – Veronique Moseley, NSW (patron)

“I really enjoyed the festival and will definitely be back. I thought it was very well organised and loved the fact the whole town appeared to be in support of it.” – Cheryl Boyce, NSW (patron)

“What an amazing event. To be able to sit and chat to the musicians and the wonderful organisation of the organisers. Goulburn Blues Rules!!” – Ross Beckley, NSW (patron)


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